Thursday, 12 April 2018

India and the need to increase security

India,  well known for their success in crickets and controversial movies mostly involving a mixture of romance and comedy Is a highly hospitable country with the population not ceasing to decrease anytime soon. However, due to its high population, the security of the country is being put to the test. With more students graduating each year, increasing population not to mention the birth rate of the country, millions of people are left jobless and unemployed. This toll is said to have been on a continuous rise since the 90s' with no solution to this.  

With increasing number of the unemployed, security of the country is threatened. At such a rate where there is overpopulation - the social amenity not being enough to fend for the present population, this could result in political disparity. Looking at the opposition parties and linking it to caste or ethnicity could be disastrous for our country with the present increasing population of the unemployed. Though it is a problem in most developing countries but could be a major blow due to India's population. Checkmating security measures in India could be more of a haze due to the population. There are different accounts of the country having mismanagement of funds due to corruption, as a result, Armed Forces met to keep the peace of the country controlled could be understaffed to do so.

Not disputing the fact that India is a great country but the need for security devices to help control and monitor the security of the country is rising with the rising population of the unemployed and the need to be able to fend for themselves and their families. With millions joining the labor market and lack of jobs, this could lead to those seeking jobs to take a bad turn, with most becoming political thugs, Cons etc. Security devices placed at strategic positions or at the top of street lights and employing enough IT staffs that are well equipped with the knowledge of security could assist in beefing up security. Not to forget equipping the Armed Forces with necessary weapons could also be a plus in increasing security.

Overpopulation makes the economy difficult, contributing to the deterioration of the country. Lots could happen if the population with respect to security is not handled. There are continuously reported cases of robberies, kidnappings all due to being able to fend for themselves. Unemployment is always linked to crime and violence. If the jobs available are less compared to those seeking the jobs, which in turn results in elevated crime rates, due to stealing, militia groups and cons which are exploited as a better option to gaining the basic necessities such as foods, wealth and a nice standard living than to continuously try their luck and still not make a decent income. India is a great country, still developing with promising talents always emerging from their population, beefing up the Security of the country through the use of devices such as security cams, scans to prevent easy movement of explosive materials could be a good security measure for the country.

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