Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Race to the secure world

Which are the top 5 most security cities of the world?

Prevention is the best cure when it comes to a making the world a safe place. Cities around the world are busy building up their surveillance systems to protect their citizens. The need for a system can be understood in the words of Chicago Mayor Daley. He said, “Cameras identify the individual who has committed the crime”. He further maintained that using CCTVs is the best use of taxpayers’ money.

Ever wondered how the world cities are racing to a secure world

Here’re the top 5 cities with the largest network of electronic surveillance

1# London

The UK has the largest concentration of CCTVs and most of the cameras are located in London. Since it isn’t necessary to register a CCTV in London, there is no specific data about the exact number of CCTVs in the city.

2# Beijing

According to the Beijing Security and Protection Industry Association (BSPIA), the number of working CCTVs in the city is around 1.5 million.

3# Chicago

In 2005, the Chicago administration established a Homeland Security Grid under the name of Operation Virtual Shield (OVS) and connected its over 17,000 CCTVs to the greed. The CCTVs feed the ground data into the feed for correlation and analysis.

4# Houston

The exact number of CCTVs installed in Houston isn’t known but its crime rate shows that it is no less secure than Chicago.

5# New York

In New York, there are approximately 5,000 CCTVs working and all these cameras are privately owned and operated. It is a private network of security system that boosts safety and security of city residents and visitors.


Electronic surveillance has emerged as the strongest ally of the present security system of the world. It makes a system that is unbreakable under any circumstance. In the coming days, the CCTVs would strengthen the present security system.

Summing up this blog with a line that is the technology has no ends so is the security.
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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Why Home Security App is important in this Scenario ?

Security Equipment plays an important role in the recent scenario, as the lifestyle of the people has taken a drastic change. Whereas security apps are concerned, they have been playing a crucial role in our lives. Security Applications keeps you updated about your home and your loved ones. Internet of things is trending these days, security systems are the best example of the Internet of Things. For example, you can sync your CCTV camera with your mobile phone to see the exact footage. Apart from that, you can be sure about your security of Home.

Reasons why security Application is important

     Control: Security Application helps you to control locks, fencing, lights and Air Conditioner. Sometimes it happens we forget to switch off our appliances.

     Energy Efficient: It saves a large amount of electricity bill as it notifies you of appliances or any issue. It saves energy and cost as well.

     Round the clock working: Security applications work round the clock as it keeps you alert with your home appliance. No matter whether you are at home or not it works as per your requirement.

     Keeps you alert: Internet of things always keep you alert all the time. As it helps you to take proper care of the equipment. Security equipment prevents things from theft and damage.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Steps to design a home Security System ?

Designing a security system can be a time taking the task. Right from planning to analyzing everything should be a point. The primary step is to plan a design as per the requirement, After that, the second step is to analyze the system according to the design. To set up a home security system, you must know about the home sensor, which plays a vital role in protecting your home. It will save your money and you could buy best products from the market. There are various kinds of security equipments which helps you to design best home security system.

Equipment required for Designing HomeSecurity System

There is numerous security equipment which is known for designing security system. Some of them are as follows:

     Door Window Sensor: Door Window Sensor is a wireless system if anybody tries to create an obstacle it would trigger the alarm automatically. It is best for the homes having multiple exits.

     Motion Sensor: Motion Sensor is basically applicable to observe the movement through the large monitors. The ideal place for setting up motion sensor is a room with large windows.

     Smoke Heat Sensor: Smoke Heat Sensor is widely used in big homes, as it detects the smoke substance in the air. It is famous for protecting a home from any kind of harmful smoke particles. It comes with the control panel which triggers the sensor automatically.