Thursday, 3 January 2019

Security does not come with compromises

A more important goal for the safety of our society - Millions of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are installed on streets and businesses around the world with the stated goal of reducing crime and increasing public safety. CCTV cameras can also create unexpected effects, good and bad. The "halo" effect refers to the potential for enhancing security in areas beyond the view of the cameras. Referring to the security of our locality that also attracts thieves, burglars and other less serious crimes that could easily be fought with the help of CCTV vigilance.
Before starting implementation, there is a set of principles and tools to ensure the respect of citizens' rights with video surveillance systems. These included -
Need: the use of camera systems must be empirically justified. The objectives and the expected results must be defined.
Proportionality: CCTV equipment must be adapted to the problem for which it is intended. The data must be protected and the retention period kept clearly defined.
Transparency: Citizens should know what are the objectives of a video surveillance system, what are the costs of installation and operation, the areas examined and the results.
Responsibility: Officials of public video surveillance systems must be clearly identified and accountable to the public, whether these systems are managed by the government or by private companies.
Independent oversight: an external body should be responsible for ensuring that the systems respect the rights of the public and achieve the goals they set out.

To sum up, public interest and security with surveillance cameras are here to stay. We need to define the definition of a public camera to defend the public interest and respond quickly to the intention. In the end, security does not come with compromises.

Sunday, 23 December 2018

The Power of Surveillance

Innovation is a twofold edged sword. While advancement and updates can have a few advantages for us, they can likewise be utilized to cause inconvenience. The surveillance camera is one of the miracles of current innovation, which is utilized at homes and also in workplaces. It has increased enormous prominence as a powerful safety effort, on account of the plenty of advantages it offers. Be that as it may, much the same as different innovations. The focal points, be that as it may, dwarf the detriments, and this progressive hardware keeps on being prominent about keeping your friends and family and resources protected and secure. In case you're considering introducing surveillance cameras at your home or office, however, this blog post should help clear your point.

1) Counter Crime- This is the greatest and the clearest advantage of introducing surveillance cameras. 
2) Monitor Activities- They come in all sizes & some are small enough to be covered up in plants, pictures, photograph outlines, and so on. Depend upon your requirements you can purchase either hidden cameras or surveillance ones. Never given anybody or anything suspicious a chance to out of your sight with surveillance cameras.
3) The view depends on the varifocal of the lens the more varifocal lens is the more clear is the view.
4) The CCTV reconnaissance frameworks are not actually harmed by residue and extreme climatic conditions. That’s why it can record everything 24x7 no matter the atmosphere is.
There are a lot more points of interest accessible in the context of the power of surveillance yet that will be examined on another blog post. Additionally, there are particular kinds of CCTV observation frameworks accessible in the market today. In view of the reasons for which they are utilized, you can pick the best kind of CCTV for your home or for your business space. That is the reason CINT is here to make satisfy your everything needs with respect to this.

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Monday, 3 December 2018

Best Boom Barrier Manufacturer in Delhi

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

What are bollards and what are they used for?

Bollards are short but sturdy vertical posts primarily used for controlling vehicular traffic to prevent ram riding and auto ramming attacks. Commonly installed outside banks, malls, commercial complexes, airports and other places of public importance, the bollards provide the physical strength needed to obstruct vehicles posing a security risk to the protected areas.

What is the objective of bollards?

While the primary objective of bollards improving safety from car ramming, they can also be used to control vehicular movement and increase the aesthetic appeal of the exterior design.

1. Security

Bollards provide safety from distracted and out-of-control vehicles that can hit any building. Also, they create a strong shield against car ramming attacks.

2. Controlled access

The bollards restrict access to designated places like parking, walking path and gallery. In other words, they direct the vehicular traffic to maintain a safe distance from marked areas.

3. Aesthetic value

Vertical bollard posts are also used to increase the aesthetic appeal of the architecture. These are called aesthetic bollards and they are used to add more colors, graphics, and art to the exterior design of buildings.

What are the types of bollards?

There are three main types of bollards

1. Permanent

Fixed at places, these bollards provide a permanent solution to control traffic and improve the aesthetic value of architecture. The material used for making permanent bollards is either stainless steel or concrete.

2. Collapsible

These bollards provide safety to both the site and the vehicles. They collapse on hitting. Vehicles can apply emergency brakes before hitting the collapsible bollards and prevent damage to both the property and the vehicles. Collapsible bollards are largely made of rubber.

3. Removable

These bollards provide the flexibility needed to change location according to the needs. Largely made of plastic, they are more suitable for marking places of working in high traffic areas.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

How different components of a mobile jammer work together?

A mobile jammer is a piece of electronic device used for disrupting mobile signals in a given area. It produces powerful signals at the frequency of mobile signals and broadcasts those signals to create a mobile free area within a few seconds of starting.

What is a mobile jammer and how it works?

A portable jamming device could be a pocket-size device with a 10-meter range or it could be a large piece with the 100-meter range of working. A jammer comes with multiple antennas – one each for GSM, 3G, and DCS. 

Important components of a mobile jammer:

Antenna: It transmits radio signals at a set frequency.
Voltage-controlled oscillator: It produces the radio signals for transmitting.
Tuning circuit: It keeps the frequency of the signals under control.
Noise generator: It produces random sound waves at a specific frequency to disrupt the mobile
        signals in a given range.
RF amplifier: It boosts the frequency of the radio waves to the point where they disrupt the                  mobile signals.
Power Supply: It supplies power to the main device.

The signals from the jammer are sent at such a force and within the same frequency that the mobiles become unusable within the range of a jammer. Cell phones are full-duplex devices. It means they use two types of signals – one for receiving and another for making calls. A basic jamming device would disrupt only one of these signals but it would disrupt two-way communication. 

Factors that affect the performance of a jammer

Presence of concrete structures and other obstructions could affect the performance of a jammer to a certain extent. Similarly, tower proximity, humidity, and temperature can also affect the functionality of a jammer. One more thing that can affect the device is its built quality and technology. When fully-functional, it can jam mobile connectivity completely.

Friday, 14 September 2018

What is a supportive security system and why is it important for home security?

Having a home security system can help ensure the safety of your family members and belongings in a great way but there has to be a supportive infrastructure for the security system. For instance, take doors. Every door should be made of tough material like steel but it learned that homeowners put more focus on the security of the main door instead of others.


They make the first line of defense of your home and for this reason, they have to be the strongest part of your home. It isn’t necessary that you use steel as wooden doors could be stronger than their steel counterparts. Your first priority should be the strength of the material and the design should be the secondary option. 


Windows often more open than doors and windows give access to the interior parts of a home. While there are many ways to bolster window designs, putting more focus on beautification could be compromising on the strength of window openings.


Electronic locks are more popular but manual locks haven’t disappeared completely. You shouldn’t compromise on the quality of manual locks while installing an electronic locking system. The manual locks are used when you are inside. Also, manual locks would improve the strength of your electronic locking system.

Multiple doors

A good idea to prevent opening your door for strangers is to use multiple doors. The main door should be protected with an access door that would give you ample time to think whether it is safe to open the door. Also, you can see the visitor from access door and even talk to him before opening the door. 

The entry-exit points of your home should be supportive of the CCTV and other security devices installed in the home. A strong door could resist forceful entry providing the CCTV ample time to record video and send an alarm signal.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Metal Detectors: The Big Boys Of Security Industry

Nowadays, the metal detector is used to perceive metallic gadgets together with bombs, guns for security purpose. To keep away from any unlawful or unauthorized entry of metal gadgets, bombs, knives, guns within the baggage bags of the character sporting them in public locations like theatres, purchasing shops, parks, airports, resorts, railway stations. Manually take a look at for everybody is pretty tough because of these metallic detectors comes in light. Some of the security devices come within the steel detectors variety are handheld metallic Detector, Door frame metallic Detector, and Explosive Detector. This web article will help you to get to recognize the short of the metal detectors operating. Let’s talk about handheld metallic Detector first. An HHMD is used in lots of safety assessments & additionally in electronic initiatives. The hand-held metal detector will come in light in the 1960s and changed into utilized in commercial packages. Basically, an ‘HHMD’ detector is a digital device that incorporates an oscillator which generates an AC contemporary that passes through a coil producing an alternating magnetic area. While even a small piece of steel is close by to the coil. The modern may be brought on in the metallic object & this generates a magnetic subject of its very own. If an extra coil is used to measure the magnetic discipline, the magnetic subject may be modified and sensed due to the steel object. Speak about ‘Door frame metal Detector’ as the call shows it's far a metallic detector outfitted in a door. This one is likewise referred to as ‘Walkthrough’ detectors. These are used for safety screening at getting entry to points in prisons, courthouses, and at airports to come across hid steel weapons on someone’s body. By using the everyday increments in an era, the DFMD’s also get up to date in various zones (like- One zone & Multi-zone Door frame metal Detectors). Where in the ‘Multi-zone’ it will cover more factors for looking as evaluate to ‘One zone’. At last ‘Explosive Detector’ comes, the one hand device allows distinguishing flammable drinks from non-flammable beverages. Specially use for airports & other traffic areas. It indicates effects in real-time detection. (Transportable gadgets comprise no radiation sources). There are many other metal detectors which are to be used for other purposes but can’t mention in the article due to lack of time. So, these are the big players in the security industry presently. Let see what new innovations will come in future coming.

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